Since 2019, the NO’OCULTURES Program, jointly implemented by the Pan-African Agency for Cultural Engineering (APIC) and the Association Nord-Ouest Cultures, has been committed to the professionalization and better promotion of art critics in Africa. It revolves around the following components:

– Establishment of a cultural press group specializing in art criticism;

– Establishment and conduct of training in art criticism and specialization of cultural journalists;

– Organization of the Pan-African Prize for art criticism and the Pan-African week of art criticism.

In view of a better impact of these interventions, the NO’OCULTURES Program envisages the constitution of the directory of African art critics, all sectors combined. Those that can register are:  any art critic, beginner or professional, working in a media or freelance, writing at least in French and /or in English and must be a national of an African country.

– Performing arts;

 – Visual arts;

– Cinema;

– Literature.

Main steps for registration :

September 19 – October 30: reception of Registration forms

October 31 – November 20: registrations analysis and possible verification

21 – 27 November: sending of registration confirmation email

December 18: publication of the directory

Registration link : https://forms.gle/Fry84Em1u8UxhrAMA

Information: +226 68 02 89 88 / repertoire@critiquesafricaines.org